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Green-Craft Custom Built Fallknivens and Mora of Sweden Classics

Welcome to the Green-Craft cutting tools section, below are a few pictures of Fallkniven's that we have made for use by others and right at the bottom are the combination of Mora of Sweden Classic with a custom Green-Craft Sheath.

Please be aware that you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any cutting tool from Green-Craft.

We have been using Fallkniven knives and blades for over a decade now and Leon will Now custom make a knife for other people. Basically if you want one drop Leon an e-mail and you can discuss what you want made (types of wood, bolts, liners and sheath design)and have a knife made to your specification. The average cost of an F1 is currently 250 and a WM1 175.

At this time no cutlery will be available until further notice.

Mora Of Sweden Classic

This is the Forsts Mora Classic No'1, a reliable knife that has a given place among the tools of a handcrafter. It has a blade of carbon steel and a handle of red ochre birch.
Blade length 100 mm.

It has been fitted with the Green-Craft neck sheath which is hand made and stitched. It has a built in firesteel loop and a pocket for a fallkniven D3. The neck sheath is fitted with 3 metres of braided type III paracord. Leon will make them in Saddle Tan, British Tan, Dark Brown, Black or leave it Natural if you wish.

They cost 55 before shipping.

Please read the Green-Craft terms and conditions