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A few links to other good resources

Backwoods Survival School.

Run by Patrick McGlinchey Backwoods is Scotlands premier bushcraft, outdoor and survival school. Patrick's attention to fine detail and very high level of skill makes him a craftsman of unmatched  ability.

Bushcraft Expeditions.

Being one of only three full time Bushcraft and survival schools in the UK, Bushcraft Expeditions prides itself on delivering professional courses and Expeditions. Its instructors experience and knowledge stems from over 30 years of teaching Bushcraft and Survival skills and from working with indigenous cultures the world over.

Footseps Of Discovery

Top survival instruction from serving and ex military instructors. Footsteps also provide activity days for schools, residential courses in Cornwall and Stag and hen nights themed around survival and bushcraft.

Wild Food School.

 Courses from WFS offer introductory half-day, day and 2-day sessions where students can gain hands-on experience in identifying and using some 50 to 90+ [depending on season] of Britain's edible wild plants, and do so in an informal learning environment
Woodsmoke specialise in Wilderness Bushcraft and Survival Skills Training.

British Blades

BB is the UK's premier site for cutlery enthusiasts, it is a mine of  information and advice for the new and old hands alike.

Bushcraft UK

BCUK is the UK's biggest Forum relating to Bushcraft and outdoor living skills, advice can be gained on making, modifying and purchasing kit as well as gaining skills and making friends.
Carlo's Adventures
A very usefull blog that has links to suppliers of equipment and informative sights as well as Carlo's insight on life in Jersey.

A good site for information as well as Ashes great Blog.


We think possibly if Carlsberg made Army Surplus then this would be it. Both of us have been using Endy's for years and have nothing but good things to say about them. Good Service and some very good deals.